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Hello everyone and welcome to ‘My Football Gear’ website. To begin with the introduction of my site, I would like to share with you the little inside story of my personal experience in the game of football.

I was fascinated to football when I was at the age of 4 and still now in my late twenties, am still just obsessed with football as I was at the age of 4.

Over the years, I have had enough of experiences in every bit of football game. I have gained a lot about the game techniques, a lot about power of shots, dribbling of the ball, ball exercises for physical speed and endurance and I want to offer that experience here to young people and who are really into football game, provide them with up to date tools, tips and techniques that the real pros are using in today’s game.

My little inside story about My Football Life. My File

Every individual especially boys has a crazy-interesting childhood story to tell so do I.

As I was growing up, I was always a little smaller than everyone else among st my friends but it wasn’t necessarily because I was small in my physical stature but it was just because most of the time I mingled with those older and bigger than me as I was born and brought up in a little nasty-hilly town where football game was the passion of every boy. There were not many boys of my age in my town however, I was still strong and good enough to go along with those bigger boys and play along with them.

During our childhood days, football has consumed much of our life. We could literally play football from dawn to sunset. We will divide 3-4 teams among ourselves and compete a whole day. The most interesting part for me is that, even though I was the smallest among them all, friends will want me in their respective teams just because they can place me in any position and I could still deliver even though it wasn’t necessary the position they themselves wanted to play.

I was so obsessed with football that when I felt hungry; I’d got out to play and as I stepped on the playground to play football, I could literally forget my hunger and thirst and even after all my friends left our playground after a day long matches, there’s still spirit in me haunting to stay back and would still be working on my dribbling skills and passing abilities, working on the power of my shots till my mother calls out for my name from our balcony.

I bought just about every latest product and gear available in the market to improve my game. This is how I grew up and my approach to football.

Transition of the game.

Gone are the days when football is played with more of physical strength, height or fitness but with the passage of time, it has faded away and football has evolved into more of witty techniques even though it’s a physical game. My File

Different positions require different sorts of skills and different body types but it doesn’t take away from the core and fundamental fact that, to play the game of beautiful football falls on the ability to passing the ball, dribbling skills, power and accuracy of shots, speed, endurance and agility with the ball.

To have the endurance and agility with the ball in a football game, it requires a lot of training, time, patience and perseverance.

The ultimate goal of my site.

There are so many young talents out there who can have illustrious careers in the field of football sports but as they don’t know the actual reality and lack of experience in the game, most talents are wasted and end up doing nothing or diverted their professions.  My File

Here we want to share our own experience, right guidance, honest and sincere advice, help them pick the right kind of tools to help them grow in football.

They say ‘Practice makes a man perfect’ but there is no sign of perfection without the right platform and there’s no point of practicing if you are going wrong direction and not using the allotted time productive enough. A lot can be achieved in a short span of time using the right tools, gym with the right motivation and the right exercises and drills.

I will also love to hear from you as well if you have anything to share with your ideas, knowledge and experience in respect to football. I always enjoy talking, sharing, watching and playing football and here we’ll be doing that through this site. Have a look around and leave us your comment, we will always value it.

Shout out to your broken bones, toes, knees and ribs.


Author of My Football Gear

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    1. Thank you Justin Richard for stopping by and read our contents. Yes our objective is to inspire young people as well as some genuine people like you who loves the game and who are really into the game.

      Do visit us again and drop us your valuable thoughts and comments, we’ll always value it

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