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A regular football team consist of 11 players. Each player has its own different positioning in the football pitch according to his height, skills and ability and each position has certain prior responsibilities although the main objective of a team is to score a goal and win the game.

A bad positioning on the pitch can be a mess in a football game. Here we are going to discuss the positions and their responsibilities of players in a football game.

Goal Keeper.

The position of a keeper is one of the most crucial positions in a football game. The sole responsibility of a keeper is to stop the opposing team from scoring a goal against their team. He is not expected to score a goal for his team or dribble the ball around and give good passes to his strikers or teammates.

Position Structure

Goal keepers are mostly tall in their height, brave and calm. He is also expected to keep calm and inspiring his teammates in the game. A bad goal keeping can turn out to be a disaster for his team in a match.

The goal keeper is the only player in the game who is allowed to use his hands to stop the ball and to push the ball around however, he is restricted to the rectangular penalty area which is 18 yards away from the goal.


Defenders of a football team are mostly strong, tall and need a lot of stamina because they are to defend their team for the whole of the game from their opponent team strikers. Number of defenders in a football game can be different from one team to another or one match to other according to the team coach tactics and strategy but in today’s game, the most widely used formation is 1, 4, 3, 3, which means a keeper, 4 defenders, 3 midfielders and 3 strikers.

Four defenders consist of two in the center in front of keeper and the other two are positioned in the left and right flanks. Their role is to defend their team from their opponent team scoring goal against them, make sure that the ball doesn’t pass over them and whenever they get the ball, they give good passes to their team midfielders and strikers.


Midfielders are positioned in the mid of football pitch. They are the ‘Heart and Soul’ of a football team. They regulate and control the game. Midfielders are the link between the defenders and the attackers. They are the players who run maximum time of the game all around the pitch.

Midfielders have to come to defending position when the opponent team attacks their goal and run to the opponents’ goal and help their strikers when their team attack. Their responsibility is to make their defenders and strikers task easier, to enter their opposing team’s area and take off the ball from them and give good through ball to their team strikers and make easy for them to score goals. No striker can score a goal alone in a football game without a good assist or midfielder and same as that, no defenders can defend for the full 90 mins of the game without the help of its midfielders.

Strikers or Forwards.

Strikers are positioned in front of the opponents’ goal. They are placed one in the left, one in the right and one in the middle to attack the opponents’ goal. Striker position is the most competitive position in a football team now a days but not every player can represent his team in the striker position because strikers are always expected to score goals and win the game for the team. Without scoring a goal, no team can win match in football game and strikers are expected to do so.

If midfielders are the ‘Heart and Soul’ of a football team, strikers are the ‘Head’ of the team. Strikers are meant to score goals although they are also expected to help its defenders and midfielders.

Every striker of a football team is supposed to be tactful, run fast, agility with the ball and can take shots from anywhere, anytime. In the modern day football, mostly the best players in a team or in every award function are from striker positions, and it shows how important is a striker position and his ability to scoring goals.

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  1. Yes, that must be why my son was such a good goalkeeper, he is very tall, lol. He also is one of the most “chill” (as his friends like to call him) people I know. Nothing ruffles his feathers, and actually his is the one who will be the most reasonable and calm situations when people argue. You are spot on about him, for sure, and he was an AMAZING goalkeeper.

    Awesome article.

    1. Football is the passion of most young people now a days irrespective of boys or girls. It is becoming more or less the trend of the contemporary world which is why it is no surprise that football is the most popular game now. It gives a real pleasure to those who are really into football when playing but apart from that, football also give a good physical exercise to keep the body active. All the best for your son!

  2. Nice article . I like the photo showing me the positions of the team although you may want to adjust it bc it is scrunching the words onto the side. I also like how you placed your cleate suggestions . Not too many. Not too less. Good job

    1. It is always our effort to give adequate information of the the game here to people who are really into football. We are happy that some genuine people like you are enjoying it and always welcome your ideas and experiences here. Cheers.

  3. I’ve played football all my life and I’ve always played a goal keeper and have become really, really good at it so my friends always love when I’m goal keeper. However, I’ve want to try and move the skills I’ve learnt into being a defender, do you think this is a good idea? Cheers.

    1. Thanks Mr. Brandon for stopping by. It is always good to converse with people who are genuinely passionate about football and that is the core objective of our site. And as far as your position on the field and interest is concern, it is always good to learn and adapt different positions and skills to enjoy and understand more of the game. Cheers!

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