Football Skills Tutorial – Master 5 Basic football Skills

Whether it be in the field of academic, arts or in the field of sports, no individual has ever achieved any height without climbing the mt. Everest and so is with ‘Football’. Even if we look at some of the illustrious careers of the likes Messi, Ronaldo or any successful footballers for that matter, they had to start from the scratch.

Soccer WorldFootball being the most popular game in the field of sports requires a certain sorts of skills and training that a person needs to adapt to be a successful player. Everyone who knows football has heard about the 5 basic skills to play the game but the real challenge is how to master them. Once these fundamental skills are mastered, you can build your game by combining communication with your team-mates on the field. So to master these skills, let’s discuss.


The first and foremost thing you would want to practice all by yourself before you go out to play a real football match will be to juggle with the ball because it will help your ball control, coordination and can improve your reaction of the ball.


1. Hold the ball with both hands and drop it to the ground.

2. Use one of your feet to tap it up and catch it with your hand.

3. Start it over again and now you would want to involve the other foot as well before catching it.

4. Continue this process and try increasing the number of times of taping with your feet, try to have the full control of the ball with your feet

5. As you master controlling of the ball with your feet, exclude the involvement of your hands and try involving with your arms, chest, heads, knees and thighs without dropping them.

Each day try to improve the number of times you keep the ball in the air. This will definitely give you the boost to have the full control of the ball within your reach when you play actual match.


This is one of the most essential components to playing football. It allows a player to keep hold of the ball and controls the game. It is suggested that football players should practice dribbling as much as possible. The more you practice, the better you will improve your skills and abilities. The best way to practicing dribbling skills will be drilling with cones.


1. Place 3 cones on the ground in a square, 2 feet apart.   Cone Drills

2. Dribble the ball in between and around the cones with your feet. Repeat this process again and again, try moving faster with the ball at your feet.

3. Now line up 8-10 cones 5 yards apart.

4. Weave through the cones dribbling with the inside of your feet.

5. As you continue this, try to increase the speed of your movement and have the agility of running with the ball.


Football is a team game. A successful team is defined by the understanding and combination, ability to pass the ball around and keep the possession of the ball within the team. Passing and keeping the ball possession is important to score a goal. There are different types of passes in football that have been developed in this modern day football, one such famous example is ‘tiki-taka’ which is recently developed from The Camp Nou (Barcelona Football Club) of Spain.

To develop the skills of good passing is to practice them. Here are some drills to learn different kind of passing a football.


(1) Tight a net just above chest level.

(2) Pair up player and face each other across the net.

(3) Kick the ball over the net and pass the ball around with accurate passes.


1. Position 3/4 players about 10 yards apart in circle and place a player in the middle.

2. Pass the ball around and let the player in the middle try to take away the ball from a pass.

3. Repeat the 2nd step and switch the positions.


Controlling of the ball is just as important as dribbling, passing or even shooting in a football match. A footballer should know how to receive a football with his feet, chest, head, arms, thighs, name the body part excluding the use of hands because touching a ball is a foul unless you are a keeper. Remember a pass is only as good as the player’s ability to receive it. Practicing these skills is a must for every (young) ambitious football players.


Using a wall, kick the ball on the wall and when the ball bounce back, receive it with your feet, chest, head or wherever it falls.


Kick the ball high up in the air and when it falls down, try to control with your feet. Repeat this again and again. When practicing this skill, a player should not only practice ball controlling but deadening the ball so that as you master this, you will have full control of your match.


The ultimate goal of a football match is to put the ball across the goal line of the opponent side. No matter how you play well, dribble well or control well, if you don’t score a goal you can never win a match. And to score a goal you need to have two basic components i.e. 1) Power of shot, 2) Accuracy.

It doesn’t mean that only a striker will take a shot or score a goal but a midfielder, defender or even a goalkeeper can put a goal depending on the situation and condition of a game. The power and accuracy of a shot might not be only for scoring goals but it can also be useful for passing the ball around.


1. Place a player outside the penalty area and another in the side of the goal.

2. The player at the side of the goal rolls the ball to the other player.

3. The player at the other end receives the ball, place it in front of him and take his position and shoot as hard and accurate as he can .

4. Repeat this and remember as you go along this process, you may want to be able to shoot with both feet, so practice it with both the feet. Remember you are only as good in the match as the amount of practice you put into the game.


To be a successful football player, always remember that ‘practice is second to none’ this implies not only to football but also in every field of sports. One should not take this otherwise but should take it serious, it is the only secret to master the game. soccer world

Football is a physical game, a sick and weak person can never stand on a football field and play, run or jump as strong and long as the healthy ones. Stamina is required in a 90 minute long football match, it is as important as the above mentioned 5 Basic Skills. So to be a footballer you need to eat healthy, sleep healthy and stay healthy and most of all practice healthy.

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  1. Very good,post. I’m was an avid player and now my daughter is. The beautiful game.
    Great ideas to get proficient at essential skills. Keep it up.
    I like the tiki-taka. Will get the team to try it out if coach agrees.

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